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A Sinner’s Past: Michelle’s Story

What if you had it all to only realize you were clinging to emptiness?

The princess of the crime syndicate they called her, as fear passed the lips of those who said her name. She had at it all until she underestimated her opponent, leaving her back in the arms of the monster who created her. Prisoned in her own personal hell, she clings onto the memories of when she was free. The memories of happiness, love, and friendships. 

Everything she has been taught and the person she has known to be, is the rope she must climb to escape the hell surrounding her, but she’s not alone. Can she conquer the demons haunting her to save a life who is innocent to the madness of the crime world she is sworn to?

Take a drive down memory lane as Michelle Donnelly tells you her story, her truths.

Take a journey of trials and tribulations with our main character Michelle.