Art is Self-Expression

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We entertain ourselves in these times with movies, network television, and games. How often do we do arts and crafts that is not attached to our kid’s school project?

Recently, I touched base with a few forms of art. First, I explored digital with a program called procreate on my IPad. Look I don’t consider myself a Picasso or a Rembrandt. I just feel that perfection and art are not meant to exist in the same space.

Second, I did my favorite form of art. The basic sketch and shading. I have plenty of sketches, but for the sake of keeping my sanity leveled….my front closet will remain untouched as some old sketch journals remain in a bin buried under lord knows what.

Last and least favorite, as it is my arch enemy at times, is painting. Yes, I said least favorite because when you mess up on painting……there is no easy fix, except for praying to the paint gods you have enough paint to cover your horrendous creations. The paintings below are recent, as I am sure I have better ones somewhere in my house. Yes, we are our worst critics.

Ah, maybe next post I will get brave and show you my non-photography skills. Bye for now!!!

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