A Time for Change

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Times are fueled by emotion, injustice, a strong belief of opinion, and media frenzy. A repetitive cycle of wrongdoing is apparent, but we tip toe the line of an influenced narrative.

As writers, do we have the power to open eyes when we are also driven by emotion and on opposite sides?

I don’t speak up often and if you let pain simmer in your chest, it will only cause you severe agony.

I have seen friendships torn apart by one’s mentality unable to comprehend understanding, unable to welcome change. Social media has become a war zone of finger pointing, name calling, and true colors rising to the surface.

I hate to say how there are more sheep in the field than wolves. Society has gained this mob mentality. If one person lights a match, the whole world goes in flames. I have seen people afraid to go against the masses.

Does the change really start from the top?

This may sound simple, but I believe change must happen individually before it can be done as a whole. Majority only see a whole group being bad seeds instead of opening their eyes to the truth.

Not all cops are out to kill, not all people of color are criminals. Not all who believe in Allah are terrorists. Not all white people are Karen. I can go on, but I think the point is made.

The color of our skin doesn’t determine the actions we commit. These are individual behaviors brought on by hate, possibly the way one was raised, or influenced by a world of ignorance.

I’ve noticed how quickly individuals get upset when they see #blacklivesmatter


I’m black and white. Regardless of sex, majority of my family is black. There is always a worry if they will make it home or if white privilege will be used against them. I also worry about the other half of my family because when society only sees color, they expect you to be a sheep herded towards the field of only one view.

I don’t like having to use the word white privilege. No, but it’s apparent how easy one hides behind it.

All life matters. No one changed that narrative. However, the focus right now is why it is so easy to repeat an unjust action on a particular group of people.

Answers, justice, and to be heard is all anyone wants regardless of background.

We need to change the hate in our hearts and blind ignorance with truth.

We should use our voices, but never shove our beliefs and opinions down another’s throat. I voiced mine. Will you voice yours?

Will you be part of change or part of the problem?

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