Live life to the Fullest

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Picture taken in Savannah on my cellphone

Life is short has really brought it’s meaning to light this year.

We never know what a person is going through, what their struggles are or the demons they face. Hell, we all have them, right?

Who are we living for? What are living for?

Of course, the answer will come in the form of our loved ones. No, none of this pertains to dark topics like suicide or worthlessness. It’s more of a notion of if we are also living life for ourselves.

I always feel like we obligate our time to please others, to work, pay bills, etc. Yet, we don’t necessarily find time for ourselves to enjoy what life offers.

Yeah, sometimes we don’t know what that is.

I recently discovered how to breathe without stress clenching at my lungs. If I want to sit and watch tv all day or hit up a video game just to get peace of mind or read a book while dishes pile up….I do it. What doesn’t get done that day will get done the next.

Yeah, it seems like a small pleasure. A silly one for an adult to indulge in, but what is the point of enjoying life if you can’t take a day for yourself.

We all have a job/career in one form or another. We all have responsibilities and we all have to adult. My point is life is to short to fall into the negative, to be unappreciated, to be unhappy, to let goals slip from your finger tips.

Always find time for yourself and never let someone bring you down. Be kind and understanding because again we never know what someone is going through.

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