Adults and Videogames

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Me, an adult and parent, streaming a video game. Why so shocked?!

Most of us adults grew up on classic systems like Nintendo, Sega Genesis, game boy, etc. Hell, I even played on an Atari.

Yeah, we went outside until the street lights came on and rode our bikes around the neighborhood. Some of us down country roads or running through the fields with nothing but our imaginations to play with.

Yet, nothing beat a classic video game. The arcade games.

Here is the thing. Why in this day and age do adults get shamed by other adults for their love for the game?! If you take care of your responsibilities, why is sitting down after a hard day to turn on the game system a waste of time?

My husband understands it is a joy for me during times of stress or being with the kids all day or simply because I love it.

I saw a post on Facebook from a fellow adult gamer asking how do you deal with a spouse who simply doesn’t get it? Well…how do you? Now, there are two sides to every story…but if this gamer is taking care of his responsibilities then why is their spouse so bothered?

Gaming has no age, so why hate on others who partake in it. I find it ridiculous to label a hobby or a passion a waste of time.

Do you game or can you simply not stand it?!

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