Aging: It’s not fun!

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No one is oblivious to the fact that youth doesn’t last forever, unless we speak of the heart. The heart, a sensitive yet crucial part of our temples that keeps us ticking. It doesn’t age like the rest of our body or our mind.

As I draw near to my 38th birthday I find my bones creak, my back aches, and I fall asleep more often on the couch. Geez, I know the grey hair is coming in but damn I’m not grandma status yet.

Maybe it’s more of not being as physically fit as I once was and that food has become a comfort. No, I will not be featured in My 600 lb life. (I do hope they find a healthy life though.)

It’s not only the physical aspect of aging that is setting course. No, its also the moods and my patience thinning everyday. I have become a home body (partially because of Covid and lockdown), but mostly due to lack of interest in late nights and dumb partying.

With age comes regrets. Regrets turn in to a pile of depression.

I will be 38 with nothing to show for. Yeah, I write when my brain functions. I’ve gotten a degree that is useless without experience. Had a decent job once, but now back to square one.

My memory is horrible, my metabolism abandoned me, my eyesight is going down the drain, my body aches every time I move. Is this what it feels like getting closer to 40?

I don’t mean to ramble for we are all in tough times. We should be grateful to wake up and be able to experience another day of life. To be with loved ones.

The reality is we cannot escape to blues of life and sometimes it feels good to write your frustrations because words sometimes are never heard.

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