Have you gone crazy yet?!

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We wait for the days where things can finally go back to the way they were. When you can go to your favorite concert or have a bbq with more than 10 people.

Yes, we are out and about now, yet we still are in the range of safety. Wearing masks, washing our hands, remaining 6 feet, getting vaccinated. Everyone is entitled to their precautions, regardless if they believe the pandemic is reality or some conspiracy.

Judge free zone.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the walls in my house are closing in. It has been a long time since I have had adult interaction (besides conversations with my husband). My mind is an endless road of thoughts with the what ifs and how comes as speed bumps. I am starting to feel like the big teddy bear in the corner getting beat up by the kiddos, drained and slowly loosing touch with reality.

I find myself becoming a pillow on the couch. Same spot, same motion. Blank stare towards the television. Is this our reality now?

The stresses of life coming down like an anvil. Arguments over finances, annoyances over space. All you want to do is be alone, but then feel so damn lonely.

It’s adaption to a bubble with bits of your personal hell.

We can only hope to believe things will get better before it gets worse.

Summer is around the corner. School is almost over. And those walls surrounding will remain.

Taking care of both your mental and physical health is important. Find time for you.

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