Author A. Peek

Author/Professional Parent

Author A. Peek was raised in New Jersey, but has lived in many places due to her commitment to serving in the military.

As a veteran, she finds comfort in the south with her husband and children. Although life since her service days has been a rollercoaster ride, she has found a relief in the worlds and characters she creates.

The way she creates is by being truthful to reality. She doesn’t believe characters should abide by unrealistic expectations, even if the worlds she creates are fictional. Her characters go through relatable problems and even though she lives through her female main characters, they are not super beings.

Life isn’t always a happy ending, why would it not be the same for her characters.

Author A. Peek writes in multiple genres, ranging from romantic suspense to science fiction. She doesn’t believe her brand should be boxed, but free like butterflies in a garden of variety.

Not only does she find comfort in writing, she navigates towards many forms of art. Sketching, painting, and gaming. Yes, video games has become the balance she has discovered useful.

She has even turned to streaming like the cool kids.