Author A. Peek


My characters are a piece of me. The mother side to the heroine I wish to be.

We all wish for our dreams to become a reality. For now, we live through the characters we create.

My style of writing is straightforward, goofy, and living on the edge of a line many fear to cross. I never promise perfection in the worlds or characters I create. We don’t live in a perfect world and I will never lead you down a path of one.

I’m a soul born in Germany, raised in New Jersey, and now living in the south with my small family of 3 plus my dog. I tend to stick with female main characters because it is what I know. No point in writing a male point-of-view when I have never lived in those shoes.

I never have expectations my stories will be liked by everyone. I only hope at least one line, character, piece of my world touches one reader’s heart.

What I write:

Strong Female Characters

Relatable Content


Action, romance, dark fantasy, fantasy, suspense, science-fiction, much more

Other jobs Current/Past


It is the gift which keeps giving and one I am grateful for.

Dabbled in Restaurant/Retail work
Customer is not always right, but have to swallow down the annoyance and give them what they want sometimes.

Served my Country

Best experience. Will never regret it. Miss the uniform, but certain things are better left in the dark.

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