Crime with a side of Romance

They say all things come in three’s.

We start with Serafina Esposito. Everything she touched, loved, and known has turned into dust because of the choices she made. If she could rewind the clock, she would fight to never be so foolish to follow a wicked path. 

Then we turn to Kalila Martin. Fed up with the run around, she sets out to find the missing pieces to her mother’s puzzle to only hit a brick wall of unexpected events. To only end up looking in the mirror to a person she no longer recognizes. Love, betrayal, and unexpected friendship awaits her. 

Last but not least we have Michelle Donnelly, our featured recommended read on the home page. Michelle is the link between Serafina and Kalila. Her story is an intriguing journey of growth.

All of these books were written as stand-alone novels. The author recommends reading Secrets Revealed and A Sinner’s Past to get a better feel for character transition and growth.

Secrets Confessed: 

Secrets Revealed:

A Sinner’s Past: Michelle’s Story: 

The World of Fantasy

Who doesn’t like a good fantasy to escape reality?!

One is a retelling loosely based on a favorite animation, The Princess and the Frog, but more in the adult realm. The other is a tale of friendships and self-discovery with a twist.

Wicked Kisses, Bitter Wishes:

There are a few frogs that would love to be kissed by Tia’s lips, but her lips are filled with wickedness. A bitter wish she made as a child has caused her heart to rot inside. 

Mystified by the magic that binds, the darkness lurks in the shadows that cry. Poisoning Tia’s fragile heart, the darkness’s cruel tricks set to tear her apart.

The man in her dreams could set her free, but is the darkness in her heart willing to bend a knee? Can true love’s touch break the bitter wish and set them into moonlight’s bliss?

Whispers of the Descendants:

Nara Winterstorm knew not what she was, knew not where she came from. Until one fateful night the magic within the pages of her life revealed the truth. A truth she refused to accept as her own. 

Alone she wanted to be, yet Destiny played its wicked strings colliding her path with a Hunter, Healer, Reaper, and Scholar all cursed by defying fate. Strangers brought together by the whispers in the wind, learning of what they held within. Traveled between two worlds to stop a war of catastrophic consequence. 

The ying a darkness as the yang the light, preparing for the ultimate fight. 

Can Nara and her companions keep the past from harming the future, while hearts love against Destiny’s wish?