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Self-Doubt Kills Creativity

I sit with my cup of coffee in front of my computer with all the necessary tools to work, yet I find myself on the other side of a transparent wall. One that was created from the self-doubt lingering in the corners of my mind.

I call myself an author, but doubt has entangled me with its rope of self-negativity. It tells me my writing is mediocre, my characters are bland, my creativity is a speck of dirt not worthy of any shoe.

It stabs me in the heart, whispers words in my ear. “Failure.” “Forgettable.” “Wannabe.”

My mind believes in the words as the grey cloud shadows me. I question my path. I question the words and worlds I create. Do I belong in this sea of creativity?

Self-doubt tears the creator into pieces and destroys the motivation to reach the hill of imagination.

I have written five books, yet my sales are weak. Reviews are none and only a handful of readers stick by my side. Does this make me an imposter? A fake wearing the badge of author?

There are days where self-doubt takes over, but then I break through the wall because the passion of story telling outweighs the need for my name to be remembered.

Never give up on your passion. Never fall into the trap of racing for popularity or fame.

Stay true to yourself. From one writer to another, we all have a voice. It will be heard.